Ask a question

Ask a question

You can contact the team of the Fact Investigation Platform with a request to check any issue of public interest. We will review your request, and if there is an opportunity to do fact-checking, we will provide you with verified information in the form of an article.

A fact is an actually existing event or result, a statement that can be verified and confirmed. Fact-checking is the process of verifying data in public texts. It deals with both already published information and information to be published in the future.  

Entities who spread public speech (officials, agencies, media, bloggers and others) can use digital data, names, addresses, eyewitness testimonies and other information in their publications. All the information on which the author of the publication builds his claims is subject to verification. 

The main information to be checked are: people’s names, kinship or other connections between people, addresses, reliability of quotations, reliability of the translation, numbers, currency exchange rate compliance in the given time, etc. It is important to check the source of the information, the time of generation and distribution of the media data (photo, video), etc. 

The Fact Investigation Platform does not address assertions referring to the future, confidential information or unverifiable statements. 

The team of the Fact Investigation Platform will consider the fact-checking request and will respond as soon as possible. If fact-checking requires a written inquiry to obtain information from agencies or individuals, the process may take longer.
If your request is accepted by the team of the Fact Investigation Platform, your name and surname may be published in the article (subject to consent). You can contact us in case of additional questions.